Everyone has heard about Compound Interest and many have probably read about how a compound effect changes someone’s Wealth or Business significantly. Some talk about cultivating habits which lead to compound effects.

To bring everyone to speed, let me quote these effects from famous personalities before I move ahead

“Compounding is the magic of investing” Jim Rogers

“In Charlie’s own life, when he was practicing law, he implemented a self-education regime for one hour a day to learn such things as real estate development and stock investing,” writes Clark. “He has often said that he is a much better investor at 90 than he was at 50, a fact he attributes to the compounding effect of knowledge.” Charlie is Charlie Munger.

Let’s talk about getting this Compound effect in our Work Experience, Is it possible ?

A Professional ( Lawyer, Doctor and etc ) can cultivate this compound effect by doing what they do by being a little better than they were the previous day. As their basic work effectively remains the same, this is an effective method for Compounding. But, I am talking about a regular person who works for a living. Someone who wants to step up the ladder in the Corporate world, can a employee compound his work experience ?

It is possible.

Every day, when you do your assigned job or duty, know a little bit more than what you already know

Know how your job is affecting your Department

Know how your Department is affecting the Company

Know how your Company is affecting the Competitors

Know how the Competition is affecting the Industry

Know how the Industry is affecting the Economy

It is a dynamic world, when you know a little more, the effect will have ripple effect on your work experience. Your experience will not just grow in Expertise, it will grow in how you view your experience.

Compounded Work Experience is when you no longer define your Work Experience in Functionality or in Industry Experience. You will define yourselves in Ripples and Effects