The World Bank provides financing and services to low and middle-income countries to support development and change. Development projects are implemented by borrowing countries following certain rules and procedures to guarantee that the money reaches its intended target. The data of the World Bank Projects is made publicly available and can be downloaded from here. My intention is to explore this dataset and notice ( if any), how the lending projects have evolved over the last 50 years. World Bank has been established in 1944 and since then it has provided lending services various countries via projects. How many such projects has it initiated since it’s inception.

Let us look at the current status of 18992 projects at world bank.

Project status

Only 5.3% projects have been dropped which is commendable.

World Bank has lent more than US $ 1100 Billions over the years. Let us look at the top 20 countries by lending amount over the years.

Top 20 Countries

No surprises here, all are developing countries, are the amounts proportional to the population of the countries ?

Next, we will look at the lending by world bank by regions.

Regionwise Lending

In the 60’s a majority of lending was given to Latin America and currently it is in Africa region. Lending to Asia has also reduced. It resonates with development of these regions in these 5 decades.

Let us look at the Average Project lending against the Number of projects approved

Number of projects

In the last decade, even though the Average Project size has increased, the number of projects have come down. Is it because of inflation , low importance to receiving lending from World Bank or both ? Will have to dig deeper but the relevant answer cannot be found from the current dataset.

This is all for my first porfolio project.

If you want to explore further or look at the workings for visualisations. Please visit here